斑斕 (Album)

不再 feat. Leaf SUN (Single)

夢幻泡影 feat. Leaf 葉子 (Single)

深夜列車 feat. 邵豪 (Single)

Come Closer feat. Fiona Huang (Single)


Dizparity Remix(孔雀眼Jade Eyes) (Single)

夜相 Night Phase (Album) - 獲第八屆金音獎「最佳電音專輯」、「最佳電音單曲」


Faintish Cycle (EP)

Disparity (EP) - 入圍第七屆金音獎「最佳電音單曲」


來自臺北電子音樂家/製作人葉柏成的化名,Dizparity善於創作富含意像的舞曲音樂,受英國bass音樂及爵士演奏類音樂影響至深。於2015年旅居英國倫敦求學錄音工程/混音的過程中,他的音樂受到Warp Records製作人以及前Imogen Heap 樂手Mira Calix發掘,共同製作了抽象環境音樂作品Agola,並且收錄在The Roundhouse Rising Sounds 2016合輯中。

Atmospheric dance music DJ/producer with strong influences from drum & bass, deep house and UK bass music.

 The alias of Taipei-based electronic musician and producer, Po Cheng Yeh, Dizparity makes atmospheric dance music inspired by U.K. bass music and live jazz music. Dizparity co-produced an abstract ambience single ‘Agola’ with British-based artist Mira Calix ; included in The Roundhouse Rising Sounds 2016 compilation album.In 2016, his single. ‘Wick’ from his first EP “Disparity”, was nominated by the Gold Indie Music Awards for best electronic single. His second EP “Faintish Cycle” was released in the same year, featuring genres ranging from long-time influences drum & bass, deep house, synth-wave and elements of ambience music. He released debut album entitled "Night Phase" in 2017, with sound designs evolving towards experimental and diverse synthesizer ambience textures. Tracks ‘Mirage’ and ‘Silhouette’ were invited to be featured in the InFiné #Explore 4 compilation album.

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