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蒼白 (Album) - 入圍第九屆金音獎「最佳電音專輯」,「夜絮」入圍「最佳電音單曲」


重力與恩寵 (Album) - 入圍第七屆金音獎「最佳新人(團)」、「最佳電音專輯」,「火焰與黑影」入圍「最佳電音單曲」,並獲該屆「最佳電音專輯」

鹿比 ∞ 吠陀 Ruby Fatale


Experimental glitch producer who pursued a dark, gritty style with influences from stoner and doom music.
Drenched in the unique atmosphere of stoner/doom/glitch music and the violent aesthetics, Ruby always grabs idea from literature, geometric figures and her own experiences. She also concretizes ideas, desires, pieces of memory to dedicate sound particles which are content in specified frequent, and put the particles into her music randomly. She likes to tell a story with an industrial and cold sound, creating a anxious atmosphere. Incidentally, put some beautiful sounds from instruments in the cold, harsh background. Ruby always arranges her set dramatically to lead audiences passing through dynamic/static situation and ancient/modern ages.

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