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Audio:kinetik: Sinus O (fr)

  • Carbon Taipei 林森北路85巷40號B1, 104 台北市中山區 (map)

Date: August 4th 2018
Time: 2359-END
Line up:
Sinus O (fr) [Constant Value (Seoul)]
Waves of Doppler [Dark Paradise]
JIИ (何靜) [ Xero Xerco]
#Techno #EBM #Industrial

單人預售 NTD450
限量早鳥四人套票 NTD1600
現場票 NTD550

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{Sinus O} (fr)
Sinus O 是來自法國巴黎 techno 場景的潛力新星,有紮實學術背景的他,引領巴黎模組合成器的 techno 場景探索更暴力、更具有侵略性的聲響。以他出色的品味,曾多次受邀於柏林 Tresor, [ipsə], Arena Club 等等知名舞廳演出,為首爾知名廠牌 Constant Values 成員之一的他也在首爾知名夜店 Vurt、東京 Contact 多次演出,也因其炸裂暴力的聲響和清晰的節奏讓舞客們陶醉不已。

Sinus O也和許多當今知名的藝術家如 Phase Fatale, I Hate Models 多次演出過,在16-17年也是巴黎每月一次的 OFF 工廠銳舞的 Resident DJ,近期也在巴黎協同策劃 MYST X ANGST 的 Rave Party,有著和柏林一樣冰冷卻又不刻意矯揉造作、無病呻吟的氛圍,也因此獲得了許多獨立媒體以及舞客的關注。

派樂黛唱片這次榮幸邀請到 Sinus O 來台北做為亞洲巡迴的一站,讓舞客們近距離感受不一樣的巴黎鐵克諾場景。
{都普勒浪潮 Waves of Doppler}
都普勒浪潮是台灣當代配樂師許家維的個人電子化身,因其配樂背景,他的音樂裡有多變的聲響,從古典器樂到合成器聲響都是取材範圍,2017年七月初發表了首張專輯《Nonagon 九邊形》,並參與了前雲門舞集舞者林祐如合作了新舞作《朵朵》的聲音設計,於2018年中多次前往法國進行演出。
{何靜 Jin}
來自台北的何靜,她的音樂融合了 ambient 和 techno 的元素。 她的表演時常藉由實驗、類比的聲響來演繹難於意表的抽象,提供了更深層次的音樂感知。 2017年,Jin和她的朋友們成立了藝術團隊 Xero Xerco,積極推廣當地藝術音樂、組織藝術和文化活動。 “Xero Xerco”這個名字是“零圓圈”的同音變體,它表達了聲音藝術的無限方面。 希望聚集當地和國際藝術家,以組織活動,並提倡不同文化的人們可以通過音樂相互聯繫的想法。
Sinus O is a rising potential from the techno scene in Paris. With a solid academic background, he takes a major part of the modular techno scene of the Paris to explore avant-garde violent and aggressive sounds. With his excellent taste, he has been invited to perform in Tresor, [ipsə], Arena Club, etc. He is also a member of Seoul-based label Constant Values and performed in some of the best clubs in Asia such as Vurt, and Contact.

Sinus O has frequently shared stages with many well-known artists such as Phase Fatale and I Hate Models. He was a resident artist of OFF, a monthly warehouse rave. is also a member of the Parisian rave organiser MYST X ANGST. The vibe is so much different than Berlin which does not deliberately copy but create. 
Waves of Doppler (都普勒浪潮) is the solo project from Taiwanese contemporary composer Hsu Chia-Wei. The variety of sounds from his music can be sourced back to his composition profession. Waves of Doppler released its debut album Nonagon in mid 2017, and has collaborated with former Cloud Gate dancer Yuju Lin for her work "Sponge." Lin and Hsu has frequented Paris for showcasing this new work.
Jin Arvio (何靜) is a Taipei, Taiwan based DJ. Her music mixes elements of ambient and techno. Her performances focus on creating artistic abstraction through the use of experimental sounds and analog noises, in order to provide her audience with a deeper perception of music. In 2017, Jin and her friends established the art group Xero Xerco, to actively promote local art and music and organize artistic and cultural activities. The name “Xero Xerco” is a homonymic variation of "Zero Circle", which expresses the limitless aspect of sonic art. The group hope to gather local and international artists in order to organize activities and promote the idea that people from different cultures can connect to each other through music.